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Career Coaching

Are you:

  • Ready to begin a job search but not even sure where to start?
  • Frustrated about not hearing ANYTHING back after you apply? 
  • Landing interviews but not securing job offers?
  • Unsure of how you’ll overcome a lack of degree or experience in your search?


If you’re shaking your head YES –
Career Coaching is perfect fit for you.

The job market has changed dramatically during the last several years….  strategies that worked 10 years ago are obsolete today.  During our work together, you’ll gain valuable insight into what it really takes to overcome even the most challenging job search hurdles.

Working with me will give you a significant edge over the competition! You will learn all the inside secrets for successful interviewing, how to tap “the hidden job market”, and I can even guide you through the essentials to seamless negotiations once you obtain a job offer!

Career Coaching Session Topics:

  • Tap the Hidden Job Market: Did you know that more than 80% of jobs are filled through avenues OTHER than job boards?  This means if you’re spending all your time reviewing job boards… you’re missing a huge opportunity to improve your job search!   I’ll share all the inside advice for how to access these unadvertised jobs – and more importantly – how to go from a reactive to a proactive job search!
  • Interview Success: The golden rule of interviewing is…. whoever provides the most value, wins.  Do you know how to speak about your career value and not just your responsibilities?    Want to learn how to prepare for even the toughest interview questions?     During our work together, we’ll reduce your interview anxiety, turn mediocre responses into “knock it out of the park” answers, and most importantly I’ll help you refine your ability to define and articulate your career value.
  • External Recruiters/Headhuntershow do you pick one? All headhunters are NOT the same, and a great recruiter is a fabulous tool in your job-seekers toolkit.  However, working with the wrong headhunter can actually HURT your job search.  I’ll teach you exactly how to select the best recruiter for you, which will maximize your job search effectiveness.
  • LinkedIn for Your Job Search:  The #1 website that recruiters use to find passive candidates is LinkedIn.  It is an AMAZING resource to not only develop and build your professional brand — but did you know there are things you can do to your LinkedIn profile RIGHT NOW that will enable you to be found by recruiters without you even applying to jobs?    This topic – LinkedIn for Your Job Search – is critical to help improve your job search effectiveness!
  • Negotiate Higher Salaries: Did you know salary negotiations actually start at your very first contact with the company?  If you think you’ll wait and deal with thinking about salary once it comes up in interviews – you’re too late! My clients consistently negotiate higher salaries because they know how to handle this important topic from the very beginning.


The best part of us working together is that you’ll get specific, honest feedback and advice built around your needs.  The topics for each call are custom to your job search – and as you know, things can change fast in a job search.


Remember, you only get one chance to make a positive first impression; there are no second chances in the job search.  Preparing for your job search now will lead to long term career success!


– Each phone session is 45 minutes –
Coaching is comprehensive includes handouts, action plans, honest discussion,
and worksheets to help drive your job search progress.

– Contact me to schedule your Complimentary Consultation –
Coaching Sessions start at $150
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